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Wooden Bead Chandelier

Light fixtures are EVERYTHING to a room and you don't have to break the bank to do it. I am so excited to share how I transformed an old Craigslist chandelier into a DIY wonder.

It took me a whopping TWO years (yes, gasp, i know...) to figure out what light needed to go in our home office. Lighting is a serious commitment ESP if you are spending mucho dinero, but it gives sooo much extra oomph. I was looking at wooden beaded chandeliers, but nothing flowed with our Restoration Hardware metal/crystal lighting.

Then, it happened...I stumbled across this beaut and thought done! THE.PERFECT.COMBO! I looked at the price tag and even challenged the sales lady on the price listed. Enough with the madness folks, I'm not swiping my card for something I can easily recreate.

Now, let's break it down!

1) Find an old brass chandelier. I purchased mine off Craigslist (bring a friend for security!) and it has 8 arms. I believe I paid $35 cash.

2) Spray paint. I went to our local Home Depot and purchased regular spray paint in a FLAT finish.

3) Clear string. I used clear string from a previous project, but fishing or jewelry string should work.

4) Jewelry hooks. I purchased small black jewelry hooks from Amazon. LINK:

5) Beads. I looked at various websites and went to local craft stores, BUT Amazon had the best options for color, size, quantity AND prices. LINK:

...Hang the chandelier outside and get spray crazy! Double check to make sure all brass colored areas are covered before removing. We used 2 cans of spray paint.

...Determine the length of string that is needed for each strand. Keep in mind you need extra length on both ends. Tie a knot on one end and include a jewelry hook in the knot.

...String beads (TEDIOUS!). Knot other end with a second jewelry hook.

...Now, this is the hard part. Slightly (!!!) open the jewelry hook and slide it onto the lip of the circle tray (I don't know what it's called). Cut the excess clear string.

...Repeat until all the # of desired strands are strung.

...Have a professional electrician install the fixture.

Project Cost: Approximately $55

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