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Indoor Urn Decorating

I went a little bananas for Arhaus urns last summer. I know, I know, completely random. My obsession had me driving to 4 locations (Tyson's Corner, Fairfax, Silver Spring AND Baltimore) in the DMV area to swoop up every last black urn Arhaus had available.

Yet again, my hubs was confused by my latest craze. At this point, I would think he would be sick of hearing me say, "Honey, trust me. I've got this!" If roles were reverse, I know for a fact I'd being staring wide eyed and thinking, O-M-G why are there urns everywhere!?! Luckily, there's only one decorator in our house and that's ME!

After successfully purchasing 6 urns, and nearly braking my back carrying them into our house, I can happily say the man of the house approves of my random purchase. Now, let the decorating breakdown begin!

1) Large Urn. I purchased the Provence Urn from Arhaus in 2 different sizes (the smaller urn will be featured in a future post). I went back this year to buy more (I just can't help myself EEK!), but it's no longer available. However, they had similar urns in lighter shades, so I recommend going to a store to see what they have on the floor.

2) Tissue Paper. Neutral tissue paper or a color that's similar to the moss is best. I used left over tissue from my Arhaus and HomeGoods purchases and loosely crinkled the paper before placing it inside the urn. Fill until about 1" from the top.

3) Moss. Moss is a great filler. I purchased my moss from my local Michael's craft store and they offer it in 2 colors. The moss will come in a tight ball and you will need to pull it apart in order to spread it across the top of the urn. Note: Your floor will need to be vacuumed afterwards. LINK: Ashland Spanish Moss--Basil Green.

4) Tall Branches. I purchased my branches from Michaels, but I've also seen it at HomeGoods. Place deep enough in the urn, so the branches do not fall over. Place the thicker branches first; then, work in the smaller, thinner sticks. LINK: Natural Curly Willow Branch.

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