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Spruce Up Garage Steps

I've always loved runners on main staircases, especially when people are creative with patterns. It's a great way to tie in home décor and pull out certain colors. Since my front staircase is an odd shape at the bottom, I can't have one...sigh. However, once Pierson and Aston get a little older, I'm going to add a black/tan runner to my back staircase. How amazing are the pics below! Dying!

First, all risers need to be painted white (see images above). Geoff disagreed with me because he hated the idea of nice hardwood being painted, but it dates the home. In my opinion, it's a fresh look that brightens the staircase and it's actually easy to maintain. Win!

Since I have to wait a few more years until my boys are older, I decided to cover my garage steps in either fun painted patterns or inexpensive runners to help satisfy the urge. I planned on painting 3 vertical stripes until I came across an inexpensive black/white runner at HomeGoods. For approximately $30 I figured it would be a fun DIY experiment. Garages aren't very inviting and I wanted something to set the tone for what's inside.

I did this DIY project when I was preggers with Aston and I didn't want to be around a lot of paint fumes. Now, I have to go back and paint the steps and walls white. I figure I can get 1-2 years out of the runner before it needs to be replaced. When that time comes, I will probably give my stripes a shot.

**Project Breakdown**

1. Staple Gun. Get long staples or the mat will pop off easily.

2. Double Sided Carpet Tape (optional). See image below for the tape I purchased for the project.

3. Runner. I found HomeGoods to have the least expensive options, but it's hit or miss on what they have available.

4. How to Apply. I recommend having an extra set of hands to help with the first round of staples. Line up the top of the runner under the silver plate at the top of the steps and secure with staples. Stretch the runner to avoid ripples. Secure runner with staples at the top and base of each riser and anywhere else you feel will secure the runner in place.

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