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Painting A Pencil Tip Ombre Heart

By no means am I suggesting that I am a Photoshop wiz, but I enjoy dabbling with it for special announcements and comical purposes. I really wanted the whole fam to be included in our pregnancy announcement for baby #2 since this mayyy be my last one (maybe!). I searched tirelessly online and on Pinterest for inspiration and I was over the moon when I finalized our plan.

Since our announcement was set to debut Valentine's Day, I figured it was only fitting to design a heart over my small baby bump. I saw a similar project online and I really wanted to recreate the ombre look for the heart (see instructions below). Geoff and Pierson's shirts were actually more challenging since I had to freehand it. Plus, one paint fart or bubble would have been disastrous. Wink ;)

Photo time! Geoff and I both took several shots of one another since I didn't know how we were going to stand in the image. This little lady needed options! Pierson was actually the easiest to shoot. We gave him a Reese's PB Cup, took 5 quick photos, and ended up with 2 decent options. Even crazy Tonka tried to get in on the photo op.

All in all, I LOVE how the announcement turned out and I was so anxious to share it. It's such a high sharing baby news with family and friends. Who knows, maybe we will have another announcement down the road...??? (Side note: Just to be clear, I'm not pregnant right now.)


1. Plain T-Shirt. I purchased all the white shirts from our local Michael's Art & Crafts store. I also used a coupon I received via email. (LINK: Michael's T-Shirt)

2. Cardboard. Place a small piece of cardboard inside the shirt, so the 2 sides of the t-shirt doesn't stick together.

3. Heart. I folded a large piece of construction paper in half and drew half of the heart. That way, once you unfold the heart, both sides are even. Then, I used a pencil to lightly trace the heart onto the t-shirt.

4. Paper Plate & Paint. You only need to dab a small amount of paint onto the paper plate. (LINK: Paint)

5. No. 2 Pencil. Dip the eraser of the No. 2 pencil into the paint. Dab the eraser onto the shirt. Apply the dots throughout the shirt to your liking.

6. Dry. Let the shirt dry over night before removing the cardboard.

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