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Paddock & Stone Pillar Fence

With 2 little boys and a crazy French bulldog, Geoff and I decided to install a paddock fence. We've always admired all the stone and wood fences along Route 50 in Middleburg, Virginia, and we wanted to transfer that look over to our new home. We couldn't go too haywire with strict HOA design policies in place, but we jazzed it up a bit by adding 2 stone pillars at the entrance.

Construction went smoothly, and in a few short days, our new paddock fence was framing our backyard. Since our stone pillars were added after our home was built, we were a bit worried about the stone and cement not matching the front of our home. However, the contractors did a fabulous job blending and matching the color tones.

Since I'm all about saving hard earned dollars, I wanted to mention a way you can save $$$. Paint the fence yourself! Sure, you can use a paint brush which would take foreverrrr, but you can buy or rent a spray machine to speed things along. Fortunately, our neighbor was kind enough to lend us their spray machine and it was spectacular...woot, woot!

Geoff went to town and was able to knock it out in 1 day which ended up saving us approximately $1,000. That is HUGE! It's definitely worth contacting Home Depot or other local resources to inquire about rental options because it was super easy and a massive time and money saver.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Link for fence company: Beitzell Fence Company

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