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This Patio is....RESERVED

I've seriously been planning this patio for 3 YEARS. The only problem was, I didn't have a screened-in porch! Since I suffer from FOBO (fear of better options), I was keeping my eyes open for solid steals & deals and hoarding all the décor in our closet until it was built.

Now, I have to be completely honest, I had to put my boxing gloves on because Geoff battled me since he wanted the stone patio + fireplace built before MY room. Again, I waited 3 yearsss for this, so I was not budging In regards to the structural design, there were a few things on my must have list:

-- Panels across the bottom of the structure

-- Double doors matching the bottom panels

-- Trim

-- Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

Prior to NOVA Remodelers breaking ground, they provided us with an AutoCAD drawing and video. Since I'm a big advocate of maximizing space, I wanted to build under the deck since most people don't utilize that area. Plus, in my opinion it gives a more finished, custom look. NOVA Remodelers even took it up a notch and surprised us with a coffered look for the ceiling. We couldn't be happier with their quality of craftsmanship and I'm happy to say Geoff agrees that we made the right decision with adding the screened-in porch. GO ME!

Now, let's break down the décor:

FURNITURE...Couch & swivel chairs--Arhaus; Coffee table--Arhaus.

PILLOWS & BLANKET...Black & white stripe--Joss & Main; Reserved--Pottery Barn; Black + tan border--Homegoods; Ampersand '&' symbol pillow--Grandin Road (no longer available); Wool Blanket--Homegoods.

DECOR...Animal head--Target; Wicker mirror--Target; Boxwoods--Homegoods; Snail garden figure--Homegoods; Planter boxes (I spraypainted black)--Homegoods; Palm tree--Michael's Total Crafts; Gold planter (not shown)--Hand me down from parents; Garden stools--Homegoods; Pine cones--From the yard; Outdoor Rug--Ballard Designs. Bar Cart--Coming soon!!

HARDWARE, LIGHTING & FLOOR...Door hardware-- ; Lanterns--No longer on Wayfair, but can be found on Houzz ; Fan/Light--Neiman Marcus; Doors--Home Depot by Feather River; Floor information will be on a future post.


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