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Welcome Duncan!

When my beloved Tonka passed on January 2, we knew we had to get a puppy right away. We are big dog lovers and feel a house isn't a home without a 4 legged friend in it. Plus, Pierson and Tonka had a special bond and we want our kids to grow up around animals.

We long debated whether the next doggie Crowe should be a Goldendoodle or English Bulldog, but ultimately knew a Goldendoodle was the right decision for us. DUH, right? We've always heard nothing but amazing things from friends and complete strangers about the breed. We spent a lot of time researching and talking to breeders and we ended up finding an amazing lady in Delaware. We can't say enough about what she did to make it a great experience for us. A+ phenomenal!

Duncan was our family Valentine this year and I'm ecstatic we were able to surprise Pierson and catch it all on video. Duncan was born 12/16/16 and was lucky #7 out of 12 pups. His mom and dad are both Goldendoodles making him a F2. For more pictures of Duncan, we created a hashtag (fur babies count too!)... #DuncanDoodleDude

**Scroll to the bottom for the SURPRISE VIDEOS!**

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