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Stamped Concrete

Going into this decision, I heard all of the not-so-great things about stamped concrete, but since I was going to cover our screened-in porch floor with a large rug, the cons really didn't bother me. Plus, in my head I pictured the floor having a brown/black elephant skin look which would make the rug and the rest of the decor POP!

Since we couldn't view samples, I turned to Pinterest for ideas and I chose the two pictures below for my color and texture inspiration. If you are thinking about doing stamped concrete, do not go off the colors listed in Pinterest unless you know it's the same brand of stain. Unfortunately, I went against my gut instinct and ended up with a slab that looked like a big, solid chocolate Hershey's bar. (OMG horrible. Eek!)

Since there wasn't a strong enough contrasting color with the releasing agent, we had to go back and add another! Black is my jam with our new home. I actually left the house the day they added the black releasing agent, so when I returned home I would see it in its entirely and judge based on my instant reaction.

Well, drum roll please........I loved it immediately! Woot woot!

I don't know the brand name of the stain, but the main color is desert tan and the releasing agent is black. Warning: Stamped concrete can be slippery, so be careful. All in all, I'm very happy with the end result, as well as the $$$ we saved which we'll put towards the other flagstone patio + day! :)

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