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Braid Love: Full Halo

I had an hour to kill before dinnertime with our friends, and with dirty hair that I didn't feel like washing (we've all been there, right?), I decided to randomly attempt the dutch halo braid.

I can handle basic braids, but since I can't even do a french braid on myself, I figured this would be a no-can-do. To my surprise, I ran out of my bathroom screaming when I made the turn where you have to switch hand positions as you rotate behind your head. Geoff looked at me like I had 2 heads when I tried to explain that I was about to make The...Halo...Braid happen.

You don't need super thick hair, but you definitely need longgg hair for this do or you won't get the full halo look. I may attempt a pic or video tutorial later, but for now I'll explain the step by step process. This is a great "I need to wash my hair but don't have time" style that I found easier than the regular french braid.

Great braiding! Here's the down low on the HALO BRAID:

1) Part your hair on the side. Pull your first section about 2-3" from the part & divide your hair into 3 sections. You're going to do a dutch braid--outer hair sections go under the middle.

2) Start the braid process and make 3 crossovers before you start pulling in the top & bottom pieces. Don't pull the braid super tight.

3) Angle the braid to resemble a circle/halo. Keep it close to your hairline.

4) Continue to braid in an angle until it gets awkward and you have to rotate your hands. It's hard to remember which hair strand goes under the middle next, so take your time and think about it.

5) Continue again around the back of your head & you'll need to rotate your hands 1 more time.

6) Once your braid reaches your initial part, continue to braid your hair to the tip. Use a small clear rubber band to secure your braid. Then, use bobby bins to pin it against the other braid.

One nice bonus with the halo braid is that you'll get mermaid hair the next day. It's a double win!

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