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Braid Love: Half Up Halo

I really enjoyed wearing another halo braided look over the Memorial Day weekend. It's a fun bohemian summer style that looks good with oversized sunglasses and long loose curls or waves. Similar to the full halo, it gets awkward when you're braiding around your head in an angle. Luckily, the half up halo braid looks fine if it's a little messy (phew!). Also, I have long, thick hair (no extensions) and the only con I have against this style is that it leaves you feeling like you have thin hair. Who wants that!? Just pull your hair forward to disguise it a bit and that should help.

Great braiding! Here's the down low on the HALF UP HALO BRAID:

1) Part your hair on the side. Pull your first section about 2-3" from the part & divide your hair into 3 sections. You're going to do a dutch braid--outer hair sections go under the middle.

2) Start the braid process and make 3 crossovers before you start pulling in the top & bottom pieces. Don't pull the braid super tight.

3) Angle the braid to resemble a circle/halo. Start turning about 2 inches above your ear so you have enough hair framing your face covering your ears.

4) Continue to braid in an angle until it gets awkward and you have to rotate your hands. It's hard to remember which hair strand goes under the middle next, so take your time and think about it.

5) Continue again around the back of your head & you'll need to rotate your hands 1 more time.

6) Once your braid reaches your initial part, continue to braid your hair to the tip. Use a small clear rubber band to secure your braid. Then, use bobby bins to pin it against the other braid.

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