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Show & Tell...My Brother

Every Monday Pierson has show and tell ("S&T") at his preschool and the theme changes depending on the weekly lesson. I love S&T--it helps foster language development, self-confidence, public speaking skills and social skills, but for reals, why were we given Monday as our day!?

Since Geoff and I only have two full days per week to spend together as a family, our weekends are generally jammed packed leaving little time to be creative. We are trying to get better especially since I remember my own S&T days as a fun activity.

Fortunately, Pierson's teachers are pretty lax, so there aren't a lot of guidelines we have to abide by. One of my favs was insect week. Geoff found a large (dead) bug outside and sent Pierson off to school with it in a zip lock baggie. The teachers loved that!

When I discovered the next S&T letter of week was 'A' I immediately thought ASTON!!! Who doesn't love showing off their little sibling, especially when they are best buds!?! Pierson was so excited and proud to introduce Aston to his classmates and I can't wait to share these pictures with them when they get older. Ahhh, my two little boys <3

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