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Candy Pink

After throwing my sister's baby shower, I was in desperate need of some fun to help unwind from all the stress. My friend was in town from Annapolis and we decided to spend the day going a few local wineries.

I'm still holding onto summer's bright colors for as long as I can and I had several people ask if my necklace was made out of Nerds. To be honest, that's what I thought when I purchased it. The colors are so much fun and I love that the sailor pants are high waisted and zip up on the side. Full disclosure, I went to snap the bottom of the bodysuit and I noticed the washing machine must have torn off one of the sides completely, so I used a safety pin. Can you imagine if it came unpinned? Eek!

White Bodysuit... Abercrombie & Fitch

Necklace... J Crew

Sailor Pants... J Crew

Sandal Wedges... Tory Burch ("Chandler")

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