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How To Hang Plates

One side of my foyer is pretty bare since the wall space is limited, so I decided to add wall plates which is good for vertical décor AND it is budget friendly. I ordered the adhesive plate hangers off Amazon and applied water to the glue to make it sticky. The put it on the backside of the plate and let the glue settle and dry for 24 hours. Then, ta-da they are up!


  1. Purchase Flatiron Disc Invisible Plate Hangers off Amazon. I used 4" discs.

  2. I wish the plates were larger, but I purchased the 8" leopard accent plates from Ballard Designs .

  3. First clean the back of the plate by hand, even if the plate is new, vigorously, then rinse completely clean and allow it to dry.

  4. Using your fingers mix a little water into the flue on the disc. Really work the glue up, being careful to not rinse any of the glue off the disc. Leave it for 3-7 minutes until the glue is sticky.

  5. Apply the disc to the plate ensuring that the ring is in the correct position for the plate design. Press firmly and rub well to expel any air. Allow it to dry for 12-24 hours.

  6. Before hanging the plate, test the strength of adhesion by pulling firmly on the ring. This step will insure that the disc has properly bonded.

Happy Hanging!

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