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Palm Baby Shower

For many years I have always wanted to throw a party for my younger and only sister. So, when she called me early one morning to tell me the big news, I immediately said I had dibs on hosting her baby shower. She declined the offer due to not liking the spotlight on her, but I (of course) had other plans in mind.

Party planning and hosting is something I truly enjoy. Creating a nice ambiance, making sure all the guests have what they need while enjoying themselves is always my #1 goal. I just want everyone to be HAPPY!

I can always go bigger and greater (which of course comes with a price), but I try to keep myself within a budget. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, I tried to maximize on the resources I already had and I am so pleased with how it turned out.


Event Planning Assistance... Pep & Bash

Balloon Arches... Contractor through Pep & Bash

Cake... Fluffy Thoughts

Champagne Wall... Kelly Crowe (Myself)

Floral Design... Kelly Crowe (Myself)

Florwers... Costco

Baby Boxes... Fancy Celebration (Etsy)

Oh Baby... Wood sign from House of Rounds (Etsy)

Baby In Bloom... Cake Topper from Rinacreating (Etsy)

Palm Cookies... Thats One Crafty Cookie (Etsy)

Palm Cupcake Wafers... A Cake To Remember (Etsy)

High Top Tables... Sammy's Rentals

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